gun 101

You hope you’ll never need it, but owning a firearm is an important line of defense for yourself, your family, and your property. But where do you even START?  Right here.


This 4 hour course, including 2 hours of instruction and 1.5 hours of range time, packs a ton of information and will provide hands-on experience with several firearm options plus expert knowledge from our NRA and NCDOJ certified firearms instructor, Abraham. 


The classroom session is 2 hours in length and covers the following:

What’s the difference?  Revolver or semi-automatic? .22 or .38? 20 gauge or 12 gauge? What does all the jargon even mean? What are the pros, cons, and applications of each type of firearm? 

Legal - What are the local/state/federal laws I need to know about owning and defending myself with a firearm?

Safety - Learn what will keep you and your family safe.  How to clean, maintain, and store your firearm, plus common firearm malfunctions and how to fix them.

SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2019
4:00-8:00PM, $75


Range time is 1.5 hours and covers the following:

Deciding what is right for you - You’ll have range time and opportunity to handle and fire various types of firearms and get your questions answered.  This includes rifle, shotgun, revolver, and semi-automatic handgun (5 rounds for each firearm provided).

Bring Your Own - You may bring your own firearm (and ammunition) and practice with it. Or ammo can be purchased for additional practice with our range guns.



This course is a North Carolina Department of Justice approved firearm course that fulfills the educational requirements for issuance of a North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Permit. The course is composed of an 8 hour classroom session and a firearm proficiency test.


The classroom session is 8 hours in length and covers the following:

  • Firearm safety (fundamental safety rules, dealing with children in the house, etc.)

  • Types of handguns – components; operation & pros/cons of each type

  • Methods of carry & concealment

  • Firearm operation – deploying, presenting, and firing the handgun (including sight picture, sight alignment, trigger control)

  • Firearm cleaning & maintenance

  • Permit application process

  • Laws regarding concealed carry of handguns (where handguns may legally be carried, dealing with law enforcement while carrying a firearm, etc.)

  • Laws regarding use of force in North Carolina (escalation of force, use of deadly force)

  • State-to-state reciprocity/traveling with a handgun

  • What to do if you are involved in a self-defense shooting

The classroom session concludes with a written exam (true/false & multiple choice questions).


North Carolina requires all concealed-carry permit holders to complete a shooting qualification. This consists of a total of 30 rounds; 10 rounds each fired from 3, 5, & 7 yards. The target is a standard ‘silhouette’ style target. Students must make 21 of the 30 rounds inside of the 7 ring to pass. Any handgun is acceptable, provided that it is in safe working order. Students are encouraged to bring at least 60 rounds of ammunition in case a re-shoot is necessary (this doesn’t happen often). 

At the end of the course, all passing students will receive a certificate of completion which must be presented to the sheriff’s department when applying for the concealed-carry permit. The process for applying for the permit will be covered during the class.

*Rental handguns are available for the shooting test if you do not have one for $20, which includes ammunition. 
*Common semi-auto handgun calibers (.22LR/.380ACP /9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP) can be purchased from the instructor - .22LR is $5/30 rounds; all other calibers $8/30 rounds.

Great class! Abraham is an awesome and knowledgeable instructor!
I followed up my introductory Krav Maga with Concealed Carry Handguns. Abraham was an excellent certified instructor who presented the course content effectively. Additionally, he created real world scenarios to test students on what they comprehended during lecture. We were all well prepared for the final exam after the instructor drove home the many state DOJ regulations a person must be aware of in any public/private location. This school employs good hearts, people who care about your safety and bringing some humor to the training. This is a five star facility for Krav Maga, CCH and many others one can partake in to prepare themselves for a possible confrontation on the streets. The best of the best.
This class was very good and the instructor did a fantastic job of giving examples. He clearly demonstrated the NC laws and scenarios using students. He kept the class interesting and people engaged. I would highly recommend this course!!
The concealed carry course was great, and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and patient...well-versed in handgun, firearms safety and insight. The stories were also a good touch. Recommending friends and family.
Thanks for having the Concealed Carry class with Abraham. It was a great class and I learned a lot! Appreciate all you and your staff are doing to help keep families safe in a crazy world!!
The course was informative and interesting. Abe did a great job of teaching us all of the pertinent information and made it fun too. I highly recommend the course!



Our awesome firearms instructor Abraham is certified through both the National Rifle Association and the NC Department of Justice. A lifelong firearms enthusiast, he strives to make even the boring legal facets of firearms training interesting and memorable through the use of real-world examples and student engagement. In Abraham's courses, you'll learn important safety, operational and legal aspects of firearm use to complement your Krav Maga training.