Why Champions?

The Champions program teaches kids effective, real life self defense training to protect not only themselves, but others. It imparts confidence and knowledge to identify, de-escalate and/or deal with combative or predatory scenarios.

Champions works with you to build your child's character. We focus on who these kids will be, not just what they can do. Advancing through our program means they are setting and reaching important goals for family, school and fitness, as well as crucial defense skills.

We accomplish all this through creative instruction, exercises, scenario drills...and lots of fun! Kids of all personalities have a blast and will be exhausted!

What will we teach your child?

Your child will learn the responsible use of defense and force if and when life requires it. Principles are adapted specifically for the common dangers children face in bullying/fighting/predator scenarios. They will learn to strike with their hands, elbows, feet, and knees. They will learn to bite, scratch, gouge, or do whatever it takes to escape a threat to their safety. They learn situational awareness to deal with scenarios BEFORE the real danger. They learn techniques to escape specific attacks.

We equip them physically, emotionally and psychologically to "be ready."

We develop character

You'll find that Krav is addictive! Kids love attending classes, and it motivates them throughout the week. Our time with them is a huge opportunity to teach kids the importance of honesty, respect, caring for others, etc in a venue where they are paying attention, and get rewarded with games and fun drills. They are focused and ready to hear what we have to say.  We communicate character principles through "mat chats" during class. We focus on a new attribute each week, and kids participate in a quick discussion on each topic.

What is Krav Maga?

It's the official fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces. It's known for being the quickest way to end a fight. It emphasizes the assumption that one will be fighting at a disadvantage (stronger, more skilled attacker), dealing with multiple attackers, and fighting under extreme stress. Scenarios involving confrontation and even the potential for violence create unique physical and emotional states that can only be prepared for with training. We often refer to this as the "On Switch" and it is trained regularly in our program.

Parents should know, however, that though self defense training is ultimately a serious pursuit, your child will be learning in an EXTREMELY fun, supportive, encouraging environment. They will be making friends, getting fit, and having a blast!

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  • Beginning Champions: for ages 6-12 - classes are 45 minutes, and cover the first 3 belts. Students learn palm strikes, elbows, kicks and more, plus specific techniques for defending both playground attacks and more serious ones. They overcome their fear of being in a potentially violent situation, so they can think clearly, and defend themselves. We also have character focuses, and speak about the dangers of self defense as well, so they are very careful with their newfound skills.
  • Advancing Champions and Expert Champions: for ages 6-12 - classes are 45 minutes, and cover the next 4 belts. Children also begin to spar. 

Uniforms and Belts

Our uniform is very simple: our black workout pants, a CSDKM t-shirt, and a belt, all provided with enrollment. As your child progresses, they'll be awarded different color belts each time they test. Belt colors are white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black. Test dates for kids wanting to advance are scheduled about every two months.


We have memberships with an annual contract or month-to-month. We have family discounts available, and often have intro specials as well.