Register for our March "Becoming a Dangerous Woman" seminar!

Saturday, March 5, 2016
$39 online, $49 at the door

Each B.A.D. Women's seminar builds upon the last, with a focus on a different kind of attack/defense.

At our last event we covered basic upper body grabs and chokes.

The FOCUS DEFENSE SKILL for the March event will be “being controlled from behind by headlock or body lock."

You will learn, drill, and have an opportunity (if you choose) to defend against a real attack in a controlled and safe environment with trained instructors, these scenarios:

  • Stronger attacker puts a chokehold on from behind using their entire arm (often called a 'rear naked choke' or 'sleeper hold'). The threats are being controlled, obstructed airway, and being pulled/dragged away.

  • Attacker wraps arms around and controls/picks you up (often called 'bear hug').  The threat is being controlled and carried.

These are THE most common abduction attacks and you CAN learn how NOT to be a victim!

As always, we will teach and work effective STRIKES. This event's training will include using headbutts, groin and throat strikes, and 'dirty fighting' survival tactics.

Investing your time and effort in these few hours could save your life.

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