"Becoming a Dangerous Woman" Seminar




Unfortunately, there may be a time when you need to 'speak the language of violence.'

Your LIFE may depend on your preparation.

These seminars will equip you in this preparation. It is FUN, and a great WORKOUT, but SERIOUS!

Each B.A.D. Women's seminar stands alone, but together build a great foundation. Each event will train and drill mindset, situational awareness, and effective striking – you WILL hit things!

But each event will also have a focus on a particular type of attack/defense you need to know.

For instance, “being controlled from behind:” ­ an attack comes from behind controlling the head (choke or headlock) or around the body (bear hug). Another focus could be similar attacks from the front, or what to do if the attack goes to the ground. We focus on the most common attacks and show that you CAN learn how NOT to be a victim! You will learn, drill, and have an opportunity (if you choose) to defend against a realistic 'attack' in these scenarios within a controlled, safe environment and trained instructors.

Carolina Self Defense & Krav Maga is passionate about equipping you!

'Krav Maga' (Hebrew for 'contact combat') is often recognized as 'the official fighting system of the Israeli military and for special forces worldwide,' yet it actually BEGAN on the 'streets' for the common person. It is a system of SELF DEFENSE principles and techniques that are simple, effective, and can be done by every day people like you and me!

Three hours of self-­defense training for only $39!

Wear comfortable work­out clothes and bring a water container. Striking gloves may certainly be used, but are not required. Ages 13 and up. Email us at contact@carolinaselfdefense.com with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you there!