Knife Attack Survival Training
(Sat, Sept 24, 1-4pm)

A knife attack is a violent, dangerous event. Some argue that a knife is more dangerous than a gun! It takes little skill to use lethally. It doesn't jam, malfunction, or 'run out of ammo'. Such an attack is a high risk situation that needs a trained response to survive. This seminar will lay a foundation for this. You will learn how to recognize early warning signs - to detect and avoid high risk scenarios. And if threatened or attacked, you will learn the principles you will need to survive. At the end of this seminar, you can choose to test your skills in a safe, fun and dynamic way!
- $39 for non-members, $20 for members.
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Concealed Carry Handgun Course
(Sun, Oct 16, 8am-5pm, $89)

This course is a North Carolina Department of Justice approved firearm course that fulfills the educational requirements for issuance of a North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Permit. The course is composed of an 8 hour classroom session and a firearm proficiency test of approximately 1 hour.


Every Wednesday night at 7:45pm we'll be having 1 of 3 special classes:

  • Grappling/Ground Work - This class focuses on fighting while on the ground, and is a mix of several martial arts.

  • Weapons Defense - Learn how to deal with weapon threats and attacks! Gun * Knife * Blunt Objects

  • SPARology - NOTHING will help you develop better defensive habits than light sparring appropriate to your level. Students learn to work with partners, in clinch range, using Muay Thai and wrestling, while progressing to boxing and kickboxing ranges, as skill sets are enhanced and comfort with contact is reached. 

    Look at all the benefits you will get from FTF®'s SPARology program:

    - Earn the body and skills of a fighter, but not the face to match
    - Get a challenging but fun, full body workout
    - A real fighting & fitness program, that's also safe
    - Drop weight fast and boost your confidence
    - Laugh away daily stress
    - Learn critical self-defense moves that can save your life