weapons defense seminars

Having a gun or knife drawn on you is a life-altering event. Physical, emotional, even spiritual dynamics hit like a tidal wave as time stands still. Do you comply? What if compliance is not an option? What are the optimal principles and techniques you need to know to best insure your safety?


Firearm and knife threats and attacks are high risk situations that need a trained response in order to survive. These seminars will lay a foundation for this. You will learn how to recognize early warning signs - to detect and avoid high risk scenarios. And if threatened or attacked, you will learn the principles you will need to protect yourself – or your loved ones!

At various points throughout the seminar, you can choose (if you like) to test your skills in a safe, fun and dynamic way!


1:00-3:30PM, $49

Very good class! I learned many things to take away in a real-life situation. Very detailed on moves to make. Well done for all levels & ages. Thank you!
A lot of real-life information that is unfortunately the world we live in. Everyone could benefit from this class - will recommend to others!
I’m a mixed martial arts practitioner who loves to learn new techniques. I had the pleasure of attending a three-hour firearms self-defense training seminar at Carolina Self Defense and I came away impressed. The instructor, Darren, walked us through a handful of techniques and demonstrated their effectiveness in a wide variety of close-quarter situations. Safety and proper technique were emphasized throughout the class. When you’re defending against a firearm, what not to do is just as critical as what to do. There was ample time allotted for numerous repetitions of each drill, allowing all of us to make adjustments to our technique and increase their effectiveness. The adrenaline flows in a seminar of this nature, but Darren was quick to point out that proper technique results in speed and not the vice versa. My fellow students ranged in age and gender, with many of them avid practitioners at the school. I found them friendly, committed to task and respectful as training partners. I felt welcome and comfortable from the moment I walked in. I’m certain that you will, too, and I encourage you to see for yourself.