CSDKM is a licensed Fit to Fight® Training Center. Our caring instructors and curriculum will equip you with the knowledge, training, and conditioning you will need to help guide you through your self-defense journey. 

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After national wrestling experience from youth through NCAA D1  at UNC-Chapel Hill, and numerous state titles in scholastic, freestyle, and greco roman, Darren discovered Krav in his late 40s: better late than never!  He received his Black Belt through Fit to Fight® out of Charlotte, NC.  He is passionate about passing on his love for all things Krav! He and wife Rebecca have 6 kids and 2 grandkids, and own and operate CSDKM.



Engineer by day and Kravist by night. Alex fell in love with Krav Maga and you’ll see it in every strike; especially those kicks. He has a never-give-up attitude and encourages others to fight hard and stay strong. Alex is certified as an Expert Level instructor.



Caity has earned respect by proving dangerous things can come in small packages. Certified as a Level 2 instructor, Caity will eliminate any excuse you have for not hitting hard enough…by hitting harder than you. Learn how she does it - take her class.



Patricia has been in love with Krav since 2009 and is our most "tenured" instructor! This super-mom is one of our most popular private lesson and corporate training instructors, in addition to being a full-time mom to daughter Ivy, making and performing music, and working as a freelance filmmaker. 



Scott combines his love of Krav with a passion for teaching students how to defend themselves. He is certified as an Expert Level instructor. Bring an extra shirt and plenty of water. His challenging warm-ups, intense drills, and realistic training scenarios will leave you stronger and better prepared to “get home safe.”



A recent homeschool graduate, Stephen is one of the youngest instructors in the country - but you'd never know it during class!  He also develops his leadership skills as Cadet Commander of his Civil Air Patrol squadron, participating in Search & Rescue missions and whipping new cadets into shape as a flight sergeant.



Our firearms instructor Abraham is certified through both the NRA and the NC Dept of Justice. A lifelong firearms enthusiast, he strives to make even the boring legal facets of firearms training interesting and memorable through the use of real-world examples and student engagement. In Abraham's courses, you'll learn important safety, operational and legal aspects of firearm use to complement your Krav Maga training.



Katelyn has been training at CSDKM since the beginning of 2015. She gets a kick (no pun intended) out of being a Champions instructor, training the next generation of young people to courageously defend themselves. Don't let Katelyn's sweet spirit deceive you...she can be dangerous!



Aaron is a former collegiate athlete who has a passion for the fighting arts, and is committed to helping people gain the combative skills necessary to walk away safely from violent situations. In addition to training Krav Maga, Aaron trains in both Muay Thai and BJJ in order to be as well rounded a fighter as he can possibly be. His primary love language is tacos and sushi. And he loves all things superheros. 

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