Moving away to college is a new chapter in life that includes the potential for bad, even tragic, experiences. The safety and familiarity of home and family no longer apply, and statistically, you WILL face situations that need a trained response in order to best survive, whether that means emotionally, psychologically, and even physically.


This interactive seminar helps lay the foundation for self defense at college. We hit hard on the principles you will need to protect yourself, beginning with Situational Awareness and Conflict Avoidance – knowing how to assess real or potential conflicts and danger, and how to respond.

We teach you how to know when conflict or violence is unavoidable, and how to ‘click the on switch’ and respond with effective aggression to end threats to your safety.

These workshops have increased the confidence of thousands of participants. Training on a REGULAR BASIS is the best. But, at a minimum, invest in yourself or your child to equip them with the right mindset and tools we provide at the College Prep Self Defense Seminar.

This seminar is for men or women, either in college or pre-college, heading to college within the next year.

SATURDAY, JULY 27, 2:00-4:30PM, $49

I REALLY REALLY enjoyed the class today! I felt super comfortable from the very beginning and I think I learned such useful stuff before I head off to college! From the instructors to the other people in the class, the entire group was so much fun and so passionate about helping each other learn to be smart and safe. Thank you so so much!
I’ve never been in a fight or taken any self-defense courses, and this was absolutely amazing. The staff is wonderful and the curriculum is truly empowering.
Super impressed with Darren’s ability to engage a jaded teenager who’d rather be playing video games. We’ll definitely be back!
This class was so fun and informative! I don’t like to exercise but I could do this all day long. The instructor was funny and made everyone feel very comfortable. I want to do it again soon!