Come as a family and learn basic self defense skills that are effective for all ages!

Each event will train skill sets in the areas of physical, emotional, and psychological preparedness. We will give you the tools not only for that day, but the game plan for developing these skills when you go home. 

Family Self Defense SEMINARS

Topics covered include:

  • Being a 'Hard Target' – Whether bully or predator, being the one they don't want to mess with.
  • Situational Awareness – How to assess real or potential conflicts and danger, and how to respond.
  • Defending Yourself – If it comes to this, how do you plan to respond?
  • Striking – Getting good at causing damage when the situation arises.
  • Self Defense - Skills and techniques best to use, even against stronger, bigger opponents.
  • Third Party Scenarios – How to help others when they are targeted.
  • Bully Scenarios
  • Predator Scenarios

This training is open for one or both parents and their child or children, ages 6 and up. At least one parent must attend with their child or children.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 14, 1:30-3:30PM


I really liked the chance to work with my child. The material built on itself nicely, allowing for repeating the moves without becoming notch. Lots of fun!!
We thought it was a fun introduction to Krav and a good way to teach the kids about defending themselves, teaching them about keeping their distance and speaking up. The instructor was relatable and fun.
I thought the seminar was great. We covered a lot of material and the kids had a blast!
Great overview and really liked the ideas for parent/child “horse play” and the ways to practice principles and technique with our kids.
Excellent class- thank you! We want to see more! Really liked the scenario type drills and how to deal with different situations.
I liked that it started by putting the kids at ease. The intensity and realism was just right for first time kids.