Developing a foundation in self defense begins with simply learning how to fight - how to 'turn on' aggression, to hit and hurt bad people doing bad things, and not get hit and hurt yourself! Of course, this is done safely to avoid injury. How do you throw punches, elbows, knees, kicks effectively, even if you've never done so before? How do you defend against bigger, stronger opponents? 

The best defense is to never get into a conflict in the first place, so situational awareness, avoidance, de-escalation, and understanding one's emotional and physical responses (fight/flight/freeze, adrenaline dump, tunnel vision,...) are key aspects to be learned.

Our foundational level also includes defending against many common physical attacks - headlocks, chokes, and grabs. In addition to foundational basics, seminars may cover some 'specialty' areas such as weapons defenses (gun, knife, blunt objects), 'active shooter' scenarios, multiple attacker situations, or ground-fighting, just to name a few.  

Though self defense is of ultimate seriousness, our training is extremely fun, healthy,  and empowering. One student said it best: "This is the most fun you can have getting fit and dangerous!"

We would love to help your employees or group learn basics in self defense, and we can also tailor seminars to specific situations your job may place you in. Let us know what your needs are, and we can provide the best and most effective seminar for you! 

Warning: Training in Krav Maga is extremely addictive!

Some of the companies and groups who have trained with us:

Excel Property Management
Cary Police Department
Stansell Dentistry
Archer Western
Cary Christian School
Venture Back Office
Schneider Electric
Spencer Properties
Galloway Ridge at Fearrington
Church World Service Refugee Women's Group
The Tek
Hope Community Church Security Teams
MacGregor Downs Country Club
NRFA Silver Girls Soccer team
South Durham MOPS
NC Taiwanese Moms

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This was the most fun I’ve had in a self defense class! I’ve learned so much and how to get myself out of tough situations!
Thank you for coming to our school and giving us a mini self defense lesson. We are so grateful you have taken the time to help us be more safe and prepared young men and women!
Great class and a lot of fun. Enjoyed how the lessons were related to situations we might find in our industry specifically.
I loved the intensity of all the demonstrations and step-by-step procedures of how to do them! Loved the class! Wish it could have been longer!
Great job! Very informative and excellent tips for real life scenarios. You can never be too aware of your surroundings and “creep” meter!
Had such a great time! Very helpful! It was very helpful that the instructors were able to go around and surprise “attack” us - gave us a chance to see what we would really do!
I enjoyed our self defense class today. I felt like it helped with real-life scenarios that might occur while out in public.
The instructor was great, loved the real life scenarios. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 hour class. Intensity and realism was perfect. Thanks for everything!
The class was great! Darren seemed very knowledgeable about self-defense techniques. He was very energetic from start to finish and really connected with our residents. He spoke about why it was important and how to react in those situations. There were demonstrations, 101 practice and group exercises for everyone to try the techniques with each other.
Absolutely loved it! Great skills to know and a lot of fun! :)